• Railway

Awaiting Time

150cm x 100cm
Oil on Canvas


Ways For New Possibilities

If there are no bridges, we would be without any communication which leads to ignorance and disinterest of what happens on the other side of the hemisphere .In my Case, Bridges, is an allegory to the lack of possibility for Cubans to travel to other countries. At the same time, one symbol of hope is represented in the painting “Difficult Access”. This work of art is the most dramatic in the series, mainly by the absence of human spectrum in it, which leaves the spectator with the feeling of being closely related to the painting.

In ¨Bridges¨ the human being becomes the leading role. Their faces reflect different feelings such as rootlessness, lack of communication, total alienation, frustration, submissiveness and poverty. All these aspects are manifested in the connecting chain of different stories and leaves testimony of the psychological feelings of its inhabitants.