Alejandro Tejeda Mora, born in Cuba, has the intention of representing the Cuban identity in each character he paints, Alejandro´s viewpoint is of an artist who lived and understands how cultural nuances are seen in every bodily movement. However, it is how he makes visible the expressions, actions, satires and irony of life in Cuba that places him among the most interesting of modern painters. The representation in his paintings is similar to the Baroque paintings Brueghel and Diego Velasquez. Similarly, it is his eye for catching the most dramatic expression in a scene; if one second earlier or later, then the true sense of the subject´s feelings will not be captured .In his paintings, if the character´s finger is not pointing at the right angle, it loses its meaning.

Following painting traditions in realism, Alejandro Tejeda creates a snapshot of everyday life in his native Cuba. These oil paintings are constructed in a cinematic style – a composition that draws the viewer into the frame. Street scenes are often the subject of choice, depicting a wide variety of characters and situations. Light also plays an important role in Alejandro´s Artwork. Shadows of architectural elements are cast to add compositional structure to the paintings while maintaining a believable depiction of time and space. The everyday scenes that Alejandro Tejeda paints are a sensitive insight into Cuba and its people that many of his viewers would not otherwise be able to access. Through his formally refined realistic paintings, the viewer is transported there with him.


Alejandro Tejeda Mora
1986 Santa Clara, Villa Clara.
Plastic Artist.

Graduated in the National Academy of Art San Alejandro.

Solo exhibitions:

2013 — Identity, Bohemia Gallery, St. Petersburg, Florida, USA.

2011 — Bridges, Palace of Lombillo, Havana city, Cuba.

2010 — Inventory, foundation Ludguing of Cuba.

2009 — Daytime city, Carmen Montilla Gallery, Havana, Cuba.

2003 — Decline, Academy of San Alejandro Gallery, Havana, Cuba

Collective exhibitions:

2015 — Gallery RIVAA, Roosevelt Island, New York

2014 — Sensory Perspectives, Agora Gallery, New York, USA.

2010 — Artya. Foundation Pons, Madrid, Spain

2009 — Exhibition of Miniatures, Belkis Ayon Gallery, Havana, Cuba

2008 — All X 1, Belkis Ayon Gallery, Havana, Cuba

2007 — Exhibition at the Cultural Center of St Bartholomew the Tower, Spain

2006 — Exhibition at the Museum Reina Torres de Arauz, Panama.

2000 — First prize in the New Magazine Caricature Word.