• Alejandro Tejeda Oil Painting

The Sower

30 inches x 36 inches
Oil on Canvas

Implicit Messages (series)

Implicit Messages arise from a desire to witness a daily reality that is narrated without words. It is only through the perception or institution of the good observer that the purpose of this series is achieved, being involved within a spectrum of stories. Beyond the restlessness of the viewer to undress any semantic idea and make it explicit, there are the existentialist dilemmas that keep us abstracted in a world where the direct, the real and the spontaneous make a routine. A world where we are guided more by reason and not by emotion or feelings. A world where we try to externalize things to feel protected, but; on the other hand, indolent. These evocations of thought are presented in our everyday reality, where often we do not perceive that which damages us, or the simplicity of what could make us happy since the outside world is silencing the inner world, which is an intern sea of ideas, where intuition flows in different dimensions and is in contact with the metaphor, satire and irony. Implicit Messages, is a way of not getting caught in the superficial message, and so we can enter into a duality of messages and Introspections that are not easily exposed. Contrasts of ideas and internal mazes that make it difficult to distinguish - the day of the night. It is in turn image of all dimensions of life, its chiaroscuro; The union of white and black, the beautiful and the good with the bad and the ugly. It is an internal process, which is impossible to discern if you go for one-way, you need a balance between the two extremes, in other words, look for the medium, in the art of colors, is to look gray.